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Get Involved

A small contribution can make a big difference!

Lucky Horse has many ways you can get involved in finding homes for our rescued equines. Whether it's your time, your horse experience, your professional connections, or your hard-earned dollars, we at Lucky Horse appreciate anything you can give and will find the best way to use those contributions. No donation of any type is too big or small, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting involved!


Lucky Horse relies on generous people like you to get involved! Our volunteers come from all backgrounds and perform all types of valuable services. Some work directly with the horses. Some work on marketing and promotion efforts. Others plan fundraising initiatives to keep the rescue's wheels turning. It doesn't matter if you have extensive horse experience or are just interested in the plight of these equines. We have plenty of opportunities for you to donate your time to help.

If you are ready to get started, contact us for a volunteer application!

Lucky Riders & Horse Handlers

Are you an experienced rider? We have special volunteer positions open for people with extensive horse experience. Lucky Riders are advanced riders who work with an assigned Lucky Horse to keep them at work and/or further their training. In exchange, the Lucky Riders get free riding time and a new equine friend! Lucky Riders must commit to at least 3 days per week, sometimes more depending on the needs of their particular Lucky Horse.

All Lucky Riders are required to take a weekly lesson with our host barn, Century Mill, so the training program and education of both horse and rider stay on track and continue to progress. Please contact to schedule an evaluation lesson to determine your eligibility for this program.

Horse Handlers are volunteers who are approved to work with our Lucky Horses on the ground. Since many of our horses come from less-than-ideal situations, many of them need an experienced and patient hand when they first arrive to teach them to trust again. Because much of the horse handling is done unsupervised, it is important that all Horse Handlers be experienced and approved.


Lucky Horse is dependent on generous donations from our supporters to fund the acquisition and care of our horses.


Donations go toward the cost of feed, board, medications, and other needs of our current Lucky Horses. Even with sponsors, these costs add up quickly and are an ongoing expense for the rescue. We also accept funding for multiple kill pen pulls per year. LHER must purchase the horses, and cover transportation and quarantine costs, and sometimes medical expenses. We cannot do any of this without your support!


Please mail donations via check made payable to:
Lucky Horse Equine Rescue
185 Century Mill Rd.
Bolton, MA 01740

Our Wish List

Lucky Horse gladly accepts donations of new and gently used horse equipment. Donations can be dropped by our host barn, Century Mill, 7 days a week. If you aren't sure if your items will be useful, please contact us prior to dropping them off. 

-Bridles and Bits LHER knows appropriate equipment plays a big part in the proper under-saddle education that is important to each horse's lifetime success. We are in immediate need of tack in all sizes but could use a bridle and bit for each horse, happy mouth, rubber, and plain eggbutt and dee snaffles preferred.

-Clippers In an effort to show all of our horses off, LHER horses are getting their own health and beauty specialist to pull manes, clip bridle paths, etc. We could really use our own clippers/trimmers. Wahl KM10 clippers would be absolutely ideal.

-A REALLY great saddle - one that can be used on multiple horses - we Love the affordable HDR saddles preferably a size 16.5 or 17 - two would be even better!

-Waterproof Sheets and Blankets New England winters can be brutal and we need all sizes to keep LHER horses warm and dry. 

-First Aid Kit for Horses This includes Vet Wrap, Dose syringe, Thermometer, Gauze pads, Gauze wrap, Scissors-regular, surgical and bandage, milk of magnesia (large bottles), Stethoscope, Povidone Iodine/Betadine, Hibiclens (surgical soap), Rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol), Sterile Saline (generic contact lens saline from the discount store works just as well), Cotton balls/pads/squares, Digital thermometer with disposable sleeves, Sore no More liniment, electrical tape, duct tape, and witch hazel.  PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING THERMOETERS, A STETHOSCOPE, VET WRAP, LINIMENT, AND BUG SPRAY.

A portable storage unit - or anything we can use as a storage unit (old horse trailer or box truck?)- would be hugely appreciated!

Can we dream big? Lucky Horse would love the donation of suitable property for a farm of our very own where we can create a sanctuary for those horses that are just not adoptable.

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