Interested in Sponsorship?

Sponsors are very special people and organizations in the world of equine rescue.  They are more than just supporters or a source of income.  Sponsors allow the rescue to function.  Without their day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year contributions, Lucky Horse would not exist as it does. 


Sponsors are usually businesses or self-employed individuals who agree to contribute their services on a regular basis.  They could also be people or organizations who commit to a certain level of regular financial support for the rescue.  In return, sponsors get recognition on our website, on our Facebook page with over 4000 followers, and at many events Lucky Horse puts on or attends.  This results in exposure in a positive light to a very specific group of potential customers- horse people! 




So how do you become a sponsor?  If you have a business service or source of funds you would like to contribute to the rescue on a recurrent basis, please contact our financial coordinator HERE.  We would love to discuss the possibility of your support in further detail.

Lucky Horse Thanks our Sponsors

We couldn't do what we do without you!  


Century Mill Stables 

Century Mill is our host barn, and we cannot thank them enough for all they do!  Owner Jai Rezac founded Lucky Horse in 2008, and her passion for the rescue drives her to donate the numerous resources of her business for the good of the horses. 

In addition to stall and paddock space, LHER is able to utilize the indoor arena and other facilities, the knowledge of the staff, and the combined expertise of many professional horsepeople in one place.   

Thank you Century Mill!

Backstretch Veterinary

Dr. Suzanne Loheac and her team are at the ready 24/7 for the foals and horses that are surrendered to and/or rescued by LHER.  Their professionalism, expertise and immeasurable support bring superior veterinary care to all the LHER equines whenever the need arises.

The team at Backstretch have gone above and beyond with their donation of veterinary services, from the most basic spring shots to the life-saving treatments required for some of our more desparate rescues.  Thank you, Dr. Loheac, and everyone at Backstretch!




Thomas Moss, Equine Dentist 

Tom Moss has graciously been donating dentistry services to all of our Lucky Horses since the rescue began.  Since many of our rescues have never had any sort of dental work, Dr. Moss' expertise is invaluable in ensuring the best possible care for their teeth and mouths.  

Thank you Dr. Moss!

Kit Cat Photography 

Wonder where we get some of the gorgeous photos here on the LHER website?  Volunteer Angie T. donates countless hours to photograph our rescues. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, her services are very important to the success of our adoption efforts. 

She also puts together the annual LHER calendar, a big hit amongst Lucky Horse supporters!

Thank you Angie!

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SmartPak generously sends us all sorts of goodies on a regular basis.  Tack, supplements, blankets, and other equine essentials find their way to LHER and our horses appreciate it! 

Thank you SmartPak!

Dover Saddlery


Thank you Dover Saddlery for helping us keep our Lucky horses warm this winter! Lark is dressed for anything in his Rambo system blanket, new boots and bridle courtesy of the awesome people at Dover saddlery!!!! Thank you for all you do for our Lucky horses!








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All contributions to Lucky Horse Equine Rescue, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.