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Lucky Dog

Finding homes for deserving canines from all over the world. 

Lucky Dog is a new division of LHER that focuses on the rescue and rehoming of dogs in need.  We have a set of dedicated volunteers who travel to Central America to bring needy street dogs to loving homes here in the States. 

As many as you know, we have been deeply moved by the inhumane killing of the street dogs in Belize. The dogs are baited with food laced with poison in the middle of the night and the bodies are just scooped off the streets in the morning. We were fortunate to rescue Tica, Fido, Betty, and Chocho from such a fate and now we want to save two more dogs. 
We are sending out a plea to our fellow animal lovers. We are looking for two foster homes for these dogs. All dogs are examined and vaccinated before entering the US. Fosters would be responsible for all care of the rescue as well as interviewing potential adopters. Our last two dogs were adopted within a month of their rescue. 
We are also looking for those willing to donate frequent flier miles to assist with bringing these dogs into the country. If you have miles that are about to expire or that you don't plan to use please consider donating them to Lucky Dog in order to save a life.

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in fostering one of the next set of Lucky Dogs, or if you would like to contribute to their rescue!



Jack is a one year old rescue looking for a loving home. He was rescued from Belize, Central America,

Lucky Dog Jack is currently in foster care with an option to adopt!  We wish all the best to this special guy!

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All contributions to Lucky Horse Equine Rescue, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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