Special Cases



...AKA The Entertainer AKA Jojo the Dressage Comic.  Joplin came to LHER in 2009 with some undiagnosed health problems.  Luckily, he caught the eye and heart of LHER volunteer Ellie K.  She took a special interest in him and through diligence and commitment by both Ellie and Backstretch Vet, Joplin's issues were properly diagnosed and are now well-controlled.  He remains at LHER's host barn, Century Mill, with Ellie as his permanent sponsor.  We are all so happy that Jojo will spend the rest of his life under her special care!


Jojo the Dressage Comic has his own facebook page HERE- check him out!






This very special little foal came to us as a nursemare orphan in 2010.  While the rest of his crew seemed to take to their new home well, Jimmy refused to eat and suffered from serious health complications as a result.  Backstretch Vet, Century Mill, and a large crew of very dedicated LHER volunteers worked literally around the clock to save this baby. He was tube fed every 2 hours, 24 hours a day, and after several long weeks his strength began to return.  After that, there was no stopping him!  He grew and his personality really began to shine. 


Mikayla C. adopted him and renamed him Colby.  He is now a perfectly healthy and rambunctious 2 year old!  LHER is so proud to have been able to save this special horse's life, and is thankful to all the volunteers, sponsors, and his adoptive family for everything they have put into giving him the best possible life after the worst possible start. 




The Minis


Forrest and Pippin are two dwarf mini horses who came to LHER on Christmas Eve 2011.  They were pulled from a kill pen at no more than a few weeks old!  They remained with their mares (thank goodness!), who were adopted out to wonderful homes once the minis were weaned.  However, these two both had issues with the development of their joints, requiring special care and physical therapy.  LHER thought it best to keep them with us to ensure the best possible outcome for them.


Since they have wiggled their way into our hearts, they will remain at LHER indefinitely as ambassadors for the rescue.  Bill and Cindy N. of Hudson, MA, have spent countless hours working on Natural Horsemanship with these two, making them calm and trusting.  They have already ventured out successfully to raise awareness for LHER and will continue to do so.  Anyone who visits LHER needs to stop by and give these two special boys a pet.

Success Stories and Forever Homes

Updates from some of our Lucky Horse graduates 



Poe did not miss a beat settling into his forever home!


This special guy has a home to call his own.  Details coming soon!

Nick 2

Maddie stall


Maddie is enjoying kisses and lots of love, we wish her all the best!


Archer is enjoying his forever home!




Finn has been adopted! Now called "Bash" he was adopted by Elke V. of Lee, NH. More details and a picture soon!










Frodo has found his forever home!!

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Buttercup has found her forever home!


Ruby is adopted!  Details coming soon!




Has found her forever home!  Details coming soon!



Congratulations Uno on your new home! Uno can't wait to hit the trails with his new mom, Alice. Another Lucky Horse has found his Forever Home!








Peppermint was adopted by Jai R. of Bolton, MA. Welcome to the Century Mill family! "My name is Jai and I'm a foster failure! Cutest pony ever!. From Kill pen to Lucky Horse to forever home, adopted today- by me!!!"

 Ranger- Details coming soon


 Ranger 2


 cocoa hd


 Cocoa- Details coming soon



Jingle has been adopted and is currently on his way to his beautiful new home with his new mom Christine! 



 metro adopted



I'M ADOPTED! Metro has been adopted and settling in nicely with his new family Cindy and Courtney! Congratulations!




Mello has said he is super happy in his new forever home and has bput on some weight. 

Here he is with his new kids!






Congrats Amy, Dana, Betsey and Andy on your new family member JellyBean!! They wrote to us and said he is doing great! His pasture mate Connor and him are already bestfriends and he is adjusting very nicely to his new forever home. We are so happy for Jelly Bean and his new family!!



A note from his new mom, Toby N.Many thanks to everyone at Lucky Horse Equine Rescue for giving us the opportunity to adopt Macho, now known as Nate. What a lovely horse. Our entire barn family is looking forward to giving him great care and lots of love. Thank you for dedicating yourselves to the challenging work of horse rescue.



Misty was recently rescued from our last Kill Pen Pull, and was lucky enough to have Mary and her family fall in love with her right away!  Mary says:

"The vet gave Misty a clean bill of health. She is getting along well with her new BFF (Lady).  My grandchildren love her (along with all the boarders at the barn) and she has been a dear. "

Thanks for the update, Mary & Misty!



Martini, pulled from a kill pen on Christmas Eve 2011, has been adopted by Clare B. As Clare so beautifully said... 

"Martini is the horse I have been dreaming about all my life. He is an amazing animal, and we have made a wonderful connection together. He has settled in very nicely here, been riding every day and he just keeps getting better at his job!!"

UPDATE!  Martini and Clare spent all summer eventing, and are having a blast together!


Carrot, an older school horse seeking a retirement home, was adopted by Laura and her family in early 2012.  Laura says:

:I wanted to let you know about Carrot's first month in his new home. Let me first say, that you can all be assured he is loved beyond belief! My son complains about missing him while he's at school, my husband visits him first when he gets home and often takes him for a walk, and my daughters both want to brush and ride him all the time. This does not even take into account the joy he has brought me on a daily basis. So thank you for the love and care you have provided for him and for nurturing his sweet nature!"




"Opa" is a former saddlebred show horse surrendered to LHER due to hardship.  He was adopted by Chris M in the summer of 2012.  Chris says:

"I really  love him. He is very smart and very generous and trustworthy. I will love him and respect him. Everyone at the farm is good to him."



Paprika is an older pony with special needs and a big heart. She has been fostered by Suzanne L of Backstretch Vet and her family for the past several months.  Paprika wiggled her way into their hearts and with a unanimous family vote, she became officially part of the family -way to go Paprika!!  They are also the proud adoptive family of Dixie, another older pony with special medical needs.  LHER is so happy that Suzanne and her family have opened their hearts to these deserving ponies!




Pippin was adopted in 2012 by Lori and Scott.  Lori fell in love with Pippin during her weekly lessons at Becker College.  She would go and visit him everyday to groom and spend time with him. Itwasn't  long before Pippin stole her heart. Lori's says:

"Last week my dream came true, my husband Scott adopted Pippin and gave him to me for my upcoming 60th birthday.  Never in a million years did I anticipate this, but I feel truly blessed that he is now part of our family.

I also want to say that joining Lucky Horse Equine Rescue has been a wonderful experience.  Not only was I able to adopt Pippin, but I have met some wonderful and amazing new friends.  It can’t get any better than that!"


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